Concerts till 2003
Video Show

Sabine Trunzer, concert manager in Europe
Hans Joachim Irmler,
Producer of an album “Crystal Crowbar”
Vécsi Tibor, frontman of “Korai Öröm”
Our dear friend, doctor, artist and traveller A.P.Vojtsehovsky (second from left)
Photo by Yuri Elik
After “native” there is our Berlin friend Goetz
Burg Herzberg Open Air
1999, Germany
Public during OL performance at festival Burg Herzberg Open Air
1999, Germany
“Ole Lukkoye” and “Korai Öröm” in club “AJZ” yard
Summer 1999
Bielefeld, Germany
Miss Alternative World, the divine Bronia.
Concert in club “Third Way”
Photo by Vladimir Uvarov
Our fan Luñiya from Slovakia