Garden of Eno: A Tribute to Brian Eno

LP – 2010

    Side One:
  • Ole Lukkoye – Quran
  • Lithium X-Mas – Unending Descent
  • Pink Filth – True Wheel
  • Deejay Mr. Rid – Third Uncle
  • Bag – Für Luise

    Side Two:
  • Iron Bong – Fat Lady of Limbourg
  • ST-37 – Lay My Love
  • Zen – Mea Culpa
  • Whifflers – Spinning Away

Limited 500, hand numbered copies. Tribute the Brian Eno. This is a compilation album featuring some of the worlds greatest acid/psych bands like Ole Lukkoye, Zen, Iron Bong, Lithium X-Mas, ST-37, Bag, The Whifflers, Deejay Mr. Rid, Pink Filth. This LP has a very wide variety of Eno songs. Every stage of his musical career is represented. From his glam rock early daze through the ambient years to the percussion years and everything in between.

(p) 2010 Lost Records, USA